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Mr. Jefferson graduated from the University of California San Diego with a B.A in Biological Anthropology and Sociobiology. Throughout University he was employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and upon graduation began his professional career with a private San Diego Environmental Consulting firm. After becoming a highly credentialed and successfully established Senior Environmental Practice Leader and CEQA/NEPA process and permit expert, Mr. Jefferson went on to become Vice President of a major development consultancy firm in San Diego.

In 2005 he established BLUE Consulting Group with the goal of bringing professionalism and substantial added value to his clients projects and as the project manager.

Michael has sustained his reputation as one of Southern California’s leading Biological Consultants with the official recognition as a Certified Biological Consultant in both Riverside and San Diego Counties. This certification is mandated by the County jurisdictions in order to provide certification of all technical environmental documents.

Mr. Jefferson is committed to his company’s excellence and success by consistently encouraging the increase of knowledge base, credentials and qualifications of BLUE Consulting Group and its representatives.

Michael K. Jefferson
President, BLUE Consulting Group